¿Where do dogs sleep better?

As a dog owner of 2 beautiful dogs, I’ve always find myself questioning if dogs prefer sleeping on the floor or on a bed. In my previous post l wrote about how long do dogs need to sleep to be well rested. You may think that dogs can sleep anywhere. The reality is that everyone has a particular place they prefer to sleep and your dog will look for a comfortable place like a closet or under your bed. However, many dog owners allow their dogs to sleep on their beds next to them. If we put it in numbers, 45% of the owners allow their dogs in their beds. However, many experts do not recommend this behavior because it may make the dog believe that he has authority in the home or that he is more important than another member of the family. Places like a kennel or a dog bed are other alternatives that will allow your dog to sleep well. Remember that the place that you decide for your dog to sleep will depend on your behavior and the place that you as owner you assign.


Its my bed

[Photo taken by snappyfishuk]