Asignación 9

On this assignment it was very crucial to search and learn about different way and methods you can create and make a show. Whether you as the creator choose to tell the story by audio or by video is entirely up to your imagination and creative flow. In on of our previous classes, we were shown the crime and thriller series called “Shield 5” that you can watch it through Instagram.  It has been successful with 26.1k followers and 60 posts, not all are video episodes but it comes to show you how it impacts and has an online auditions.


As to finding a Spanish series, l found a Chilean series called “Victimas” that is posted on their Instagram page. The series tells a story about 2 characters who are stuck in a elevator and spend their time narrating and talking about their lives. The series is 60 seconds long and so far has 10 episodes according to their page. As a communication student and a movie, series, comic and video game freak l have nothing but positive things to say to this new movement on social media. It comes to show you that you don’t necessary need fancy and expensive equipment to tell a story.

To those who are interested in watching the series “Victimas”, this is their Instagram site, enjoy.


[Photo by Kim Vanessa]



Hello, l am a college student from the University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico. One of my biggest passion in life is the love and care l have towards animals. Which is why my blog is dedicated in all things related to animals and specifically pets.

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