¿How long do dogs sleep?

A dog can sleep 50% of the day. But, what does do with the rest of the time? Well, he or she devotes 20% of the day to being awake and active and the other 30% to be awake but inactive. This means that a dog can sleep about 12 to 14 hours a day. But a puppy sleeps up to 18 hours a day! However, police dogs, service dogs or search and rescue dogs sleep less as they are working dogs. For dogs that are pets or not working we recommend that you keep them active and with your mind stimulated. How?

Here are some ideas.

✔ Daily exercise

✔ Games and stimulation toys

✔Tracking Games Play with other dogs

✔Work as a therapy dog


[Photo taken by Racquel]



Hello, l am a college student from the University of the Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico. One of my biggest passion in life is the love and care l have towards animals. Which is why my blog is dedicated in all things related to animals and specifically pets.

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